Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sustainable Collective - Spring/Summer '08

The spring shipment from Sustainable Collective by Convoy has come in. Using recycled fabrics, natural dyes, and focusing on the environmental impact of making clothes, the folks at Sustainable Collective have put out a great collection of pieces featuring both great design and a social conscious. The price tags and even the bag in which they arrived are biodegradable! Talk about eco-friendly fashion.
Aragonite Recycled Hoodie, $110

This is a jacket that has to be seen to be believed. Using fabric salvaged from other garments and then re-worked, the Aragonite hoodie is a masterpiece in texture, from the fleecy shell to the soft cotton pockets, this piece looks like something out of the future.

Duke Vest, $96

The Duke is a perfect piece for throwing over a t-shirt in the summer or layering under a jacket during fall. A dobby-stripe front combines with a ever-so-slightly sheer back for equal parts gentleman and rocker.

Plant a Tree Tee, $38

Don't let the simple graphics on these t-shirts fool you. Sustainable Collective constantly tries to innovate on the basics, like the pixelated tree graphic on this one.

Suited Tee, $40

If you don't pay attention, you just might miss the subtle detailing on the Suited tee. A clever blend of screenprinting and embroidered stitching creates a cool mix of colors and textures.

Cloud Tee, $44

Another mix of print and stitching, the Cloud tee is a cool exercise in controlled chaos.

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