Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New: Turk + Taylor

We're happy to introduce Turk + Taylor, a line of hand-printed t-shirts made out of 100% organic cotton right here in San Francisco. The love and thought that goes not only into the graphics, but the production and packaging really shows and these have easily become some of our newest favorite tees.

Suburbs tee, $46

Each shirt comes with an extra-large tag that, as expected, includes laundering directions and fabric content, but also includes a graphic specific to the collection as well as hand-written numbering. Each garment is produced in only a specific run and this little touch lets you know where your shirt fits into the Turk + Taylor family.

Sweater tee, $46

Turkish tee, $46

Vertigo tee, $46

St. Bernard tee, $46

Unlike the other shirts we're carrying, the St. Bernard tee features different construction; whereas the other tees are made of a back and front panel that are sewn together at the side, this garment is made of a single tube of fabric, creating a seamless silhouette that hangs and fits wonderfully.

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