Thursday, June 12, 2008

For Dangerous Dads

Brave Soldier Crash Pack, $15

If your dad is prone to reckless adventuring (motorcycles, skydiving, and whathaveyou), the Brave Soldier Crash Pack is the ideal stowaway first-aid kit. An all-in-one travel pack, it's a complete set of all the supplies you'll ever need in an emergency including:
  • One (1) Antiseptic ointment
  • Two (2) wound dressings
  • Two (2) surgical sponges
  • Two (2) pieces of burn gauze
  • Four (4) bandages
  • Two (2) butterfly cut closures
  • Two (2) antiseptic pads
  • Two (2) antiseptic towelettes
  • Two (2) Advil tablets

All with a detailed set of instructions for treating a wound all wrapped up in a waterproof mylar bag.

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