Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dorky and Dapper

Paul Frank keeps the geek chic aesthetic alive with their latest batch of summer stuff. As always, it's an easy, polished look with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor. And they've started rebranding all their items.

Audio-Visual Brief, $14

For any and all A/V geeks out there; a slightly less outward show of your love for electronics. Turntables, computers, and wristwatches form a bold graphic pattern.

Roboflauge boxer briefs, $18

What looks like standard army camflauge is actually an eye-catching print of robots done in camo greens, browns, and khakis. Some highbrow, high-tech humor for your underwear drawer.

Harrison shirt, $52

An all-over plaid in neutral khaki and browns, the Harrison features a button-down chest pocket and a rear shoulder yoke. Another piece in a great season for short-sleeved shirts.

Cera polo, $52

Cool polo for the summer in red, blue, and white horizontal stripes (a little late for the Fourth of July, though), the Cera might be a reference to Michael Cera's dorky character on Arrested Development. Or maybe it's just another funky polo.

Mathimagic shirt, $68

Remember Revenge of the Nerds? Remember pocket protectors? Well, even if you don't, apparently the folks over at Paul Frank do and have culled everything we loved about nerds from the 80s for this shirt. A cool plaid in different shades of blue, this shirt comes with a functional pocket protector.

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