Monday, July 14, 2008

Hiz, not Hers

Out of Gilroy, California comes KOkORO Candles, the brainchild of Heidi Cook. Refusing to compromise Heidi has done everything she can to ensure that these are the best candles you'll ever light up. From their four pour to the final wax seal on the box, these candles are hand-crafted and it shows. Made out of 100% soy wax, KOkORO candles are biodegrable and produce no soot. And rather than using toxic lead filaments to keep the wick upright, Heidi's opted for a cotton braided, vegetable-dipped wick. Hiz is the first male-centered scent that KOkORO has released and we're glad to have it in store. With a scent reminiscent of cologne, Hiz is a sophisticated addition to any home.

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